Friday, June 19, 2009

The First Day of Training

I'm finally home from my first training shift. I arrived early dressed perfectly in my orange shorts and white tank...little did I know it was "formal Friday" and I needed a black uniform. Once I changed into my new black uniform, my trainer and I were off to work!

It was slow at first, so we just sat and spoke with guests of other Hooters girls. It was nice to just sit and see how much these guys enjoy coming to Hooters and hanging out with the girls. Finally my trainer and I got our first table! A table of 6 gentlemen of various ages. They were great! We laughed and joked and they asked how my first day was, they joked that they should be really hard on me so I'd be ready for my first drunk customer. :)

We had a few more tables throughout the day. All of which were extremely nice (no creeps. yet). I learned how to work the computers and finally got the hang of slinging orders in (I came up short a couple of times). Oh! I also got the hang of the hula hoop. At first I was horrible but I think the guys got a good laugh out of it!

Overall it was a great day. I spent a lot of time chit chatting with customers, experienced Hooters girls, and my favorite other trainee. Oh and I passed my seating chart test! (yay!) So I'm off to study ticket times and the beer and liquor list because tomorrow is training shift round two!

Thanks to KH and The Mayor for the encouragement and warm welcome to the Hooters family :)


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