Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ugh! Its been a while and a lot has happened.
So at this point I have finished training (after taking the menu test for a second time ugh).
I have worked two normal shifts as a hooters girl so far (all nights) and it has been great. I'm starting to get regulars. I have a couple guys from out of town that come see me any time I want Monday through Thursday. I had a table tonight that will hopefully return Sunday night (my next shift). To this point I have only had one really bad creep. He tried to inquire about my preferences in the bedroom and I am sure I was a little less responsive than he had hoped.

The other day two guys came in. One of which was super cute. I went over to there table to talk smack about the hat he was wearing (our favorite teams are rivals), for the purposes of this blog and story line we will refer to him as Bo. Once I sat down and really got talking to him I realized he is from my home town (about a 20+ min drive from the store) and went to my old high school. He also knew my ex and dated a girl I happen to not be a very big fan of. While I was sitting chatting with he and his friend another (off the clock) hooters girl approaches Bo and gives him her number. Now I will be the first to say that I am not the prettiest girl in the world. I by no means think I am a perfect 10 or anything, however, I am more attractive than this girl. After the girl left I approached Bo and gave him a hard time about his taste in women. I then decided Bo would be the first guy from hooters I gave my number to. I was cut early that night and went to hang out with Bo, which was greattttttt.

Bo was supposed to go out of town this weekend but decided not to go. Before he decided this he promised he would come and see me at work. I also had family from out of town so my family decided they would visit me too. As luck would have it, my family and Bo and his friends arrived around the same time. I am my Daddy's princess and always will be...needless to say Daddy is not a fan of males and especially not ones in their twenties ( Bo is in his mid twenties). So I decided it would be best to keep the two parties away from each other. I got cut early again tonight and was able to spend time with Bo. He is the cutest thing <3 and we decided to be exclusive...I am aware of the fact that we barely know each other but I don't want him seeing anyone else and he feels the same way. And so begins Blondie and Bo? Lets hope this turns out better than my last twenty something year old.

Tomorrow is image class and a car show with Bo and his friends :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

The First Day of Training

I'm finally home from my first training shift. I arrived early dressed perfectly in my orange shorts and white tank...little did I know it was "formal Friday" and I needed a black uniform. Once I changed into my new black uniform, my trainer and I were off to work!

It was slow at first, so we just sat and spoke with guests of other Hooters girls. It was nice to just sit and see how much these guys enjoy coming to Hooters and hanging out with the girls. Finally my trainer and I got our first table! A table of 6 gentlemen of various ages. They were great! We laughed and joked and they asked how my first day was, they joked that they should be really hard on me so I'd be ready for my first drunk customer. :)

We had a few more tables throughout the day. All of which were extremely nice (no creeps. yet). I learned how to work the computers and finally got the hang of slinging orders in (I came up short a couple of times). Oh! I also got the hang of the hula hoop. At first I was horrible but I think the guys got a good laugh out of it!

Overall it was a great day. I spent a lot of time chit chatting with customers, experienced Hooters girls, and my favorite other trainee. Oh and I passed my seating chart test! (yay!) So I'm off to study ticket times and the beer and liquor list because tomorrow is training shift round two!

Thanks to KH and The Mayor for the encouragement and warm welcome to the Hooters family :)


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh to Hooters I go!

Today is the day.
I'm off to Hooters.
I'm off and away.

I have boobs in my tank top.
I have feet in my sketchers.
I can steer myself to
any section I choose.
I'm on my way. And I know what I know.
And I'm the Hooters girl who'll decide where to go!

Ok kiddies. Today is the day! Its my first training shift!
I'm excited but unsure of what to expect. So I guess we will see what happens and I will fill you in when I get home!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So where to begin?

I've never really done this. I won't lie to you I am not a blogger. I guess to be accurate I wasn't. I am a new addition to the hooters girl family and I am ecstatic! So far so good :).

I guess the best place to begin would be the interview. I went in (dressed nicely) and simply talked to GM G. He seemed nice enough; however, the girls were a little less friendly. Now that I have been hired I can see where they were coming from. Not long after I had applied and been hired, a girl I attended high school with informed me she was also planning to apply. To be honest I was less than thrilled and found myself criticizing her needlessly (she didn't get the job for those of you who are wondering). After the interview I was told to be at the store for orientation at a later date.

Orientation was uneventful. Unlike some of the experiences I have read from other blogs we were not given our uniforms. We had seven girls total in our orientation group (none of us were thrilled about how we were going to work out training with seven girls). So far the girls seem nice. After filling out our paper work, (UGH) we took a tour of the store and called it a day.

Image class! Today we had our image class. We went over hospitality, some menu things, and (finally) got our uniforms! I was extremely excited to see what the (dreaded or loved - depending on who you are) orange shorts and tank would look like on. I won't lie to you, I was disappointed. As I wore the uniform more, I became a lot more comfortable. I think I look pretty good.

So Friday is my first training shift? I'm not sure if I should be nervous, excited, or both. I guess we will see what happens.